Thursday, 9 July 2009


Rather lovely London based website Londoner's Eye asked me to do an interview.

It might help explain what the project is about:
The London Twirls Project is one of those cool semi-obsessive projects, that I stumbled upon through the quirkiest corners of the internet. The project and idea is simple and rather amusing. To map out the availability of Cadbury’s Twirls in London, their storage conditions and fluctuations in price.

The website also shows some funny comments about each chocolate outlet which I have to admit are the best part of the project. If the site makes you smile check out their twitter profile and you will soon discover how many people are a little obsessed with Twirls. I recently pitched a few questions to the mastermind behind the project:

How did this all come about then?
I’ve always liked Twirls, and tend to get one every day during my lunch break. During the hot weather of the last few weeks, I wanted to find somewhere that kept their Twirls in the fridge so they didn’t melt. Then I started comparing prices. Then I got a bit carried away.

Is there a twirl shortage that I didn’t even realise was on the cards?
I’m actually surprised by the number of shops which don’t seem to have Twirls. Queensway in particular is bad for Twirls. Avoid.

What are you future plans, perhaps you could document other long gone confectionery like drifters and vice versa?
I’m sticking with Twirls for now although I maybe I’ll add some more factors into each report – interaction and friendliness of staff, that sort of thing. And I might do a Worcester Sauce flavour Walkers Crisps spin-off at some stage too.

Is there a team of Twirl hunters or is it a one-person crusade?
At the moment, it’s just me. Although people on Twitter have been very supportive and have been sending in information and photos and stuff like that. I’m trying to think of the best way to include submissions from other people. I might make the whole thing open so anyone can update with Twirl availability details. It’ll be like Wikipedia. Except about Twirls.

What would you recommend as the best way to consume a Twirl (my personal favourite is drinking milk with the Twirl acting as a straw)?
Interesting, I’ll have to try that. Someone suggested using a Twirl as a straw for hot chocolate, although I haven’t tried that yet either. In fact I haven’t tried anything more elaborate than quietly enjoying a Twirl whist drinking a cup of tea.

Presuming you think so, why are Twirls better than Flakes?
The Twirl is SO much better than the Flake. Firstly you get two fingers in a Twirl compared with only one in a Flake (a standard Flake is 34g, versus an impressive 43g for a Twirl – that’s a delicious extra nine grams). Also, if I’m honest, I don’t even know how to eat a Flake. It’s too crumbly and, well, flaky. It’s too messy. No wonder that woman had to eat it in the bath.

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